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We offer a specialist service that deals with move patients detained under the Mental Health Act.The service is broken up to Cell Ambulance and Secure Ambulance. We are able to offer this transport to all NHS & Private Hospitals, The Police and Local Health Authorities.

All our staff are trained to a high level that is expected with this type of transfer.

Our staff all undertake medical training: First Aid at Work, Patient Handling, AED

Further to this our staff are all Blue Light Trained and have undergone Control and Restraint Training.

As a company we comply with all CQC regulations and have the following policy's in place that all staff have to attend training on:

Securing your transfer requirements

These vehicles are fitted with a Home Office Category B approved Cell. They are used to move high risk patients who are either violent, have a history of self harm or absconders - as safely as possible by protecting both the staff and the Patient.

A Secure Ambulance is an ideal situation for those patients who are not violent or aggressive but need that extra support.

This Ambulances always have one of our qualified team in the back with the Patient at all times and the doors are secured from the outside to ensure that the patient stays safe during the transfer.

These Ambulances are also able to take stretcher & wheelchair patients

The Rapid Response Cars are ideal for taking non Violent or Aggressive patients and can take up to two escorts.

The cars are designed to get from A to B quickly & safley.